Welcome aboard and thanks for taking the time to check out my website. When it comes to hot topics – the shrinking middle class, abortion, immigration, heath care costs, gun rights, and other flash points, I’m apt to be at either end of the spectrum, leaning right on some issues, left on others, and sometimes squarely down the middle.
In other words, I like to examine all aspects of an issue before choosing sides, instead of merely being a mindless ideologue. I especially enjoy delving into the absurd and lighter side of hot button issues. The truth is I’d rather have a good laugh over Donald Trump’s hairstyle than to get tangled up in arguments over the gold standard and the pros and cons of medical marijuana.
Movies, music, sports, entertainment in general interest me a great deal. By the way, which Bond is your favorite, Sean Connery or Daniel Craig? So, let’s see where this goes.

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